What is the GDG Great Lakes DevFest?
The Ann Arbor, Detroit and Windsor Google Developer Groups (GDGs) are excited to work together to host our the first GDG Great Lakes DevFest on Saturday, Oct 17, 2020. DevFests are Google sponsored software developer conferences that allow the local software development community to come together to network and learn about the coolest new technology out there.
What can you expect at the GDG Great Lakes DevFest?
A full day of great talks on some of the latest Google technology out there with great opportunities to network within the local tech community. This year is unique for us since the conference will be entirely online - streamed and recorded.

The best part - it is all free!

What technologies will we be covering?
Some of the coolest development technologies out there including but not limited to Flutter, Android, TensorFlow, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Interested in speaking? Click on the 'Apply to Speak' button in the header to apply to speak.